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Elysian Camerata
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Elysian Camerata prides itself on presenting performances of outstanding quality that put an emphasis on the great diversity to be found in the chamber music repertoire. Our concerts typically include three to four chamber works featuring ensembles of differing size and instrumentation which lend interest and an element of unpredictability to our concerts. We tailor our concerts to meet the presenter's format requirements.

Our concerts are often supplemented by brief oral program notes so that the audience will have a greater appreciation for the music. Elysian Camerata also offers more extensive pre-concert lectures that explore the background of the program in greater detail. These lectures can, at times, include musical demonstrations to alert the audience to thematic material they will be hearing during the concert.

In addition to our concertizing experience, all Elysian Camerata members have extensive backgrounds as teachers and chamber music coaches. We would be pleased to schedule master classes and/or chamber music coachings with students within a presenter's local area.

Elysian Camerata also offers educational outreach programs aimed at school-aged audiences. If you are interested in scheduling such an event please contact us for more details about this program.


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